Keen’s ‘review’ of Doctify

The healthcare review platform

Keen is excited to share that we’ve partnered with the 5-star team at Doctify, who announced a $7.5m raise. Based in London, Doctify is a healthcare review platform.

So, in keeping with theme we thought it only appropriate to turn the tables and offer our (totally unbiased 😉) review of why we’ve invested:

Massive and underserved market (5 / 5 stars)

To say that healthcare is a high-stakes and high-trust environment is a huge understatement. In choosing a healthcare provider, you’re quite literally putting your life and wellbeing in someone else’s hands. Yet today, it’s somehow easier to read reviews about a pair of shoes you might buy or a restaurant you want to eat at than it is someone who might perform your surgery. Wild! Also, slightly terrifying…

Similarly, physicians are in the dark about the care that they provide patients (literally — Uber drivers have more insight here). It’s hard to know how and where to improve if you have no idea what patients do and don’t like about your practice. On top of that, physicians have static tools with which to market themselves in the increasingly competitive field of healthcare (addresses and accepted insurances do little to build trust and highlight quality with prospective patients).

On top of that, the review platforms that do exist today aren’t purpose-built for healthcare. This makes it impossible to search by important criteria like procedures performed or insurance carriers, let alone dig into the nuances of care and separate a review for waiting room time from bedside manner. Worst though, other platforms aren’t built on a foundation of verified reviews. In healthcare, there is little tolerance for the infiltration of fake reviews made out of spite or to game a marketing algorithm. Sadly other platforms fall short in this regard.

Doctify’s solution (5 / 5 stars)

Doctify’s review platform serves both patients and physicians in the spirit of trust and collaboration. Detailed reviews that are purpose-built for healthcare are collected, verified, and then published on Doctify’s and the physician’s site.

This allows patients to rely on honest and verified insights as to who is treating them. On the other hand, doctors are afforded the opportunity to improve through valuable feedback as well as highlight the quality of their practices and build trust with patients.

Better yet — the platform has been nimbly built to serve a wide range of customers from sole practitioners to large, multi-site hospital chains. This trust and transparency is what the healthcare market deserves, and now 4 million patients and 25,000 providers (and counting!) are finally getting it.

Doctify team (5 / 5 stars)

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to invest in two former surgeons turned entrepreneurs. As surgeons, Stephanie (CEO) and Suman (Medical Director) experienced firsthand the lack of transparency within healthcare and felt compelled to bring a better solution to the market. Their strong leadership has attracted a world-class team of tech operators like Tom (CFO), Alastair (CCO), Igor (CTO), Jessica (Head of people), Duncan (Head of Product), Gabrielle (Head of Growth), Paul (Head of Business Development), Max (Head of SDR), and Deobrah (Director of CX), to help bring their vision to fruition.

The last year’s healthcare crisis brought on by COVID-19 saw a worldwide shift to remote care almost overnight. The team deftly navigated and impressively scaled (all by at least 2x) in turnover, in headcount, and in customer count — all without losing sight of their mission.

Overall (5 / 5 stars)

Ensuring that trust and transparency is at the core of healthcare is critical. It’s a win-win for patients and providers alike. There is no better way to transform and amplify this aspect of care than through technology, and there is no better team to do it. Mission-driven and customer-centric, Doctify’s solution is set to revolutionize healthcare.

We’re deeply impressed and delighted to be partnering with them, and we may be slightly biased… but we give Doctify a 5 star rating.

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